Thursday, 30 November 2017

Lets go naturaal

How about going all natural?

Have you thought of a natural funeral or woodland burial,

A woodland burial also known as green burial or natural burial, is an eco-friendly funeral option that is growing in popularity.

Woodland burial is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional burials and cremation. It usually takes place in natural burial grounds, or designated woodland burial sites in larger cemeteries.

If you think this would be the way you or your loved one would like to be laid to rest please contact me for more information.

(Pictures shared with permission of the family)

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

How about sharing the love with a Ring warming ceremony

Have you heard of Ring warming as part of your wedding ceremony????

 Incorporating a ring warming into your wedding is such a special way to involve all of your guests in your ceremony.

A ring warming is when you give your loved ones the opportunity to hold and imbue your wedding bands with a wish, blessing or prayer for your marriage.

By the time your rings make it on to your fingers they will be saturated with the love of your friends and family.

This is a fantastic option for couples having a non-religious ceremony but want to consider their religious loved ones. With a ring warming everyone will be welcome to take a moment to bring their own beliefs into your ceremony in a private but meaningful way.

You will want to put someone in charge of your ring warming, to explain to guests how it works and make sure that it runs smoothly.

Depending on the type of ceremony you’re having you have a few options.

The most common option is to pass the rings around through out the ceremony and have your ring chaperone(s) keep an eye on things to make sure the rings are moving along and will be ready when it is time.

If you have a larger guest list you may want to have everyone “warm” your rings as they arrive, before they take their seat.

If all of this just sounds like too much trouble but you still love the idea, you can always just do this with your parents and wedding party before the ceremony.

If you decide to invite all of your guests to warm your rings here are some great ways to keep the rings safe and together

Run a string or ribbon down the rows of seats, then as part of your ceremony you can have someone introduce the ring warming and start the rings on their voyage through your sea of guests.

Other options would be to simply tie the rings together or to use a little dish.

If you would like this option please don't hesitate to ask when booking your Ceremony.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

When the time comes to say goodbye.

The funeral ceremony, for many people, is when the death becomes ‘real’.  

So many emotional moments:  the arrival of the hearse,  the sight of the coffin,  the flowers,  the order of service with the date of death in print, the committal or burial.

I will talk through all this with you.  
If you haven’t been to a funeral before,  do talk to the Crematorium Manager, the Natural Burial Ground people, and they will happily arrange to show you around and explain what will happen.

Most often, families will feel intense relief after the funeral service, with a sense not only of having ‘got through it’, but of having done right by the person who has died.  

But this is not when mourning ends - it’s often when grieving truly begins.  

There are choices you can make at each step of the way,  don’t be rushed,  ask all the questions you need, as being informed and knowing what will happen will help you to cope on the day.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

My favorite place to work

As a celebrant I work in many different places conducting many ceremonies recently it's been in a family home, a park and a crematorium but to name a few but by far my favorite place is our local masonic hall. The masonic hall was licenced to allow marriages to take place nearly two years ago and I have done a few in the temple. The best thing about it as it doesn't matter what place you sit you can see everything. The Worshipful Masters chair also gets a lot of attention as it's the boss's chair so many brides have had there photos sitting in it.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Introducing Heartfelt bottles

Forgot Me Not Celebrant are please to say that I am now working with the wonderful Joanne Boyle from Heartfelt.

We will be offering bespoke bottled messages, poems, vows and more as a special element to your bespoke ceremony.

Contact me for details on your bespoke ceremony & more.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Wedding fayre's

Looking forward to attending my first wedding fayre of 2016.
Why not call along to see what I as a celebrant can offer you to make your day that bit extra special.

Green burials

I have had a lot of enquiries over green burial sites in the north east especially close to where I live in hartlepool.
After a recent visit I must say it is a truly beautiful and tranquil place at a first glimpse you wouldn't know it was a burial ground as it looks just like a nature reserve.